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1, People-oriented, pay attention to the cultivation of talents and use, realize the standardization and humanization management, provide the broad space for development.

2, Customer first, to improve the quality and take the customer as the center as a long-term strategy for the development of the company, providing customers with the most sincere service, let customers get the maximum satisfaction.

3, Seeking innovation, the pursuit of higher achievement, a more ambitious target. Not content with the status quo stagnation, actively looking for new way of development, the pursuit of product innovation, improve product quality, improve service levels.

4, The good faith, in the shaping of the enterprise values, the spirit of "honesty" is the enterprise get the heart, is "letter" of the enterprise foothold, concept of good faith is the key of the Chinese enterprise culture construction, also is the root of the enterprise survival, integrity is a necessary element in the company ethics management.

5, Brand strategy, brand is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, the only means to have the market is a dominant brand. In the fierce market competition environment, the brand is the key to ensure enterprise long-term development and brilliant, in a sense, the modern economic competition is the brand competition, thus to enhance the enterprise brand awareness.